May 19, 2018

MOTHER OF THE YEAR: Former Playmate Jumps From Penthouse Suite With 7-Year-Old Son.

Former Playboy model Stephanie Adams tragically killed herself and her young son after she jumped from the 25th floor of a New York City hotel, taking the seven-year-old boy with her.

Adams, 47, allegedly wanted to take her son, Vincent, on vacation to Europe, but a custody battle with her ex-husband, Charles Nicolai, stopped Adams from traveling with her son, the New York Post reported Friday. It was the fourth custody battle Adams and Nicolai had scheduled in a year. . . .

According to The Post, “Adams came out as Playboy magazine’s first lesbian centerfold in 2003. But she was later married to an investment banker for two years before becoming engaged to Nicolai in 2009.” Nicolai is a Wall Street chiropractor. . . .

One of Adams’ close friends told the Post that the ex-playmate model loved her son, whom Adams homeschooled, and had been close with him “her whole life.”


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