May 17, 2018

HIS QUESTIONS SUGGEST HE ALREADY KNOWS SOMETHING: Rand Paul: I Want To Know What Haspel Knows About The Surveillance Of The Trump Campaign, If CIA Was Involved. Says Paul:

This is a big deal. Now, some are saying, oh, it was just incidentally collected. It`s still a big deal. And there is a question. There are some accusations it was actually ordered by President Obama`s administration, either through John Brennan or others. Gina Haspel is the acting director of the CIA. She is high enough up in the CIA. I think we should know what she knows about whether the Trump campaign was surveilled upon. We do know that John Brennan, since he has left government, has become an outspoken partisan against the president in very defamatory terms. So, yes, I`m concerned about Gina Haspel being a close acolyte of John Brennan. I also would like to know from her before she is appointed, if she is indeed appointed, I would like to know, what does she know about the surveillance of the Trump campaign and why was the CIA involved? …

I think that she is a close acolyte of John Brennan. So, I think some have called her a protégé. And I worry that now we have seen John Brennan`s stripes. We have seen that he is a dyed-in-the-wool partisan, a hater of Donald Trump. And so I don`t want people running our intelligence agencies that have an axe to grind or have some sort of partisanship lurking beneath the service.

Me neither, but the only way to get there is probably by sacking a lot of people.

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