May 16, 2018

WILL NEW YORK’S NEW AG GIVE THE CLINTONS ANOTHER MULLIGAN? Nearly two dozen May 15ths have passed since the Clinton Foundation was created in 1997 and New York donors have been solicited ever since. Tuesday was the latest deadline for the Clinton Foundation to comply with the Empire State’s laws and regulations for charities.

Neither departed NY AG Eric Schneiderman nor any of his predecessors — including Eliot Spitzer and current Gov. Andrew Cuomo — did nothing to enforce those laws and regs regarding the Clinton Foundation. Among much else, the Clinton Foundation failed to disclose foreign donors despite New York’s requirement that their names and amounts be made public.

Now there are more than a dozen aspirants hoping to become the new AG. Will any of them uphold equality before the law? Charles Ortel, writing in LifeZette, and other inquiring minds want to know.

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