April 21, 2018

THEY’RE NOT GOING TO LIKE THE NEW RULES: Far Left Protesters Target NRA Lobbyists’ Home. “Mr. and Mrs. Cox have been targeted over the past few months by repeated acts of criminal and unlawful conduct, including having their home vandalized on two occasions and Mrs. Cox’s business on another occasion.”


“I don’t think the Cox family is getting enough social pressure,” said [Amanda] Gailey, a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. “Nobody from their kids’ school or their yoga class sees [a protest] happening” at the NRA headquarters…

“If I made him uncomfortable at his house, too bad, he deserves it,” [Catherine] Koebel said in an interview. “I felt unsafe in my home because of his product.”…

“It is aggressive,” Gailey acknowledged. “I wouldn’t do that unless we were protesting someone who I believe is a truly indefensible human being.”

Yeah, I’ve got a little list of that kind of people myself. And you’re on it. And if this is the standard, a lot of lefties better watch out. They have an awful lot of indefensible human beings in their ranks.

Chaser: “Amanda Gailey is the leader of a group called Nebraskans Against Gun Violence. In 2016, she was invited by the Obama White House to personally meet President Obama when he gave a speech in Omaha.”

They did the same thing to Ajit Pai, and his wife and kids, over Net Neutrality. Because everything’s life-and-death to the left.

Maybe Trump supporters should start targeting anti-Trump politicians and media folks, now that we’ve established a precedent — going back to Obama’s busloads of SEIU astroturfers — that it’s okay to target people’s homes. But if that happens, we’ll get a lot of have-you-no-decency pushback that’s mysteriously missing from these incidents.

UPDATE: Hey, look, the NRA is having a membership drive.

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