March 24, 2018

VOTER FRAUD IS A MYTH: THE GUYS AT THE CHICAGO BOARD OF ELECTION COMMISSIONERS TOLD US SO: Last week the Chairman of the Illinois Advisory Committee to the Civil Rights Commission presented his committee’s report to the Commission. The following transpired at the end:

Commissioner Kirsanow: Thanks very much for your presentation, it was very informative. …. I think you said that you didn’t find any evidence of voter fraud in Illinois?

State Chairman: That is correct …

Commissioner Kirsanow: And how did you make that determination?

State Chairman: … [W]e had government officials including those with Cook County Clerk’s Office, which administers voting, and those with the Chicago Board of Elections. [Muffled but audible gasp in the room]. …

Commissioner Kirsanow: Oh, well, thank you. It may in the future, if you look at this again, be a good idea to look at some media reports … that cite a number of individuals who’ve been convicted of voter fraud including Mahmoud Vakili, an Iranian citizen who was convicted and sentenced to prison for voting while he was not eligible to vote, Steveland Kidd who CBS says was sentenced for voting fraudulently pursuant to absentee ballot, Brian McDouglar two years in prison for falsified absentee ballot, Audrey Cook, Augustus Stacker, Pamela Brant, Monica LaPlant. Sometimes the media has information that maybe Cook County doesn’t.

Peter Kirsanow is a gem.

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