March 8, 2018

AXIOS: Exclusive polls: Big warning signs for Senate Democrats. Nobody from either party should get excited about polls at this point, but this does shred the “inevitable Blue Wave” narrative.

Related: About That Blue Wave: “The prevailing wisdom suggests that there will be a Democratic wave election in 2018. In a manner that suggests that little was learned from the 2016 primary or general elections, pundits and analysts seem so committed to this narrative that they promote it even when the data point in the other direction.”

Also: New Poll: Rick Scott Leads Bill Nelson 42-35 in Florida.

Plus: Marquette Poll finds Tammy Baldwin underwater on favorability, 39% unfavorable/ 37% favorable.

Don’t get cocky, kids — whether you’re Dems or Republicans. Remember, the voters don’t like much of anyone, really.

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