March 5, 2018

SOFT TARGET: 2016 School Shooter Chose Target For Lack Of Armed Security.

[Jesse] Osborn killed one 6-year-old at the school and his own father at home before going on the rampage. Two other students and a teacher were injured in the shooting.

Osborn wrote prior to the Sept. 28, 2016 shooting a reference to Sandy Hook killer, Adam Lanza, and noted that he wanted to kill “Atleast 40.” The information was revealed during a five-day hearing that began Feb. 12.

“My plan,” Osborn wrote through misspellings, “is shooting my dad getting his keys getting in his truck, driving to the elementary school 4 mins away, once there gear up, shoot out the bottom school class room windows, enter the building, shoot the first class which will be the 2d grade, grab teachers keys so I don’t have to hasle to get through any doors.”

Two days thereafter,Osborn told his chat group on Instagram he was unsure if he should shoot up his middle school, which he had already been expelled from. Additionally, he said that the elementary school would “be like shooting fish in a barrel” because there would be no armed security there.

Allowing concealed carry everywhere makes anywhere look like a potentially hard target.

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