March 1, 2018

LIZ PEEK: Trump is ramping up for a 2020 run (but Democrats STILL don’t get it).

Someday, Trump watchers are going to figure out what makes this man tick. Here’s a little secret: President Trump likes to win. Bowing out after only one term would look like losing. He won’t do it.

But there are some who apparently didn’t see it coming. Michael Wolff, who got a lot of notice for his gossipy and error-laden book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” has suggested the president probably wouldn’t run again.

According to Wolff, who pretends to have an inside track, President Trump doesn’t like his job. Wolff told an Australian Broadcasting Service interviewer earlier this year: “In the end, I think that the real truth is he does not want to be the president – the president of the United States.”

Turns out Wolff’s “track” is a lot like Amtrak’s – unreliable.

The official announcement usually comes years later than Trump’s did, but every President’s reelection thoughts begin shortly after they remove their hand from the Bible — if not sooner.

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