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February 14, 2018

INTEL OFFICIALS: U.S. Shouldn’t Fall for North Korea’s Olympic Charm Offensive.

In a rare open-door hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Defense Intelligence Agency Director Robert Ashley cautioned that Kim’s “strategic calculus has not changed and we should not be mislead by the events that are taking place around the Olympics.”

The dictatorial regime has received a bevy of positive media coverage in recent days following an appearance at the games by Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong. Several news reports published over the weekend hailed her visit to South Korea as a “diplomatic win” over U.S. Vice President Mike Pence as the regime released statements calling for reconciliation with South Korea.

Intelligence officials said the United States needs to view North Korea’s participation in the event for what it is: a propaganda campaign by the isolated nation to use the Olympics as a platform to present a reformed image.

“The American people should all remember that Kim Yo Jong is the head of [North Korea’s] Propaganda and Agitation Department,” CIA Director Mike Pomeo testified. “There is no indication there’s any strategic change in the outlook for Kim Jong Un and his desire to retain his nuclear capacity to threaten the United States.”

The propaganda effort was aimed at the postmodern Walter Durantys of the Mainstream Media, which for Communists is a giant target consisting of nothing but center ring.