February 5, 2018

DAVID HARSANYI: FISA Abuse Memo Proves The Need For An Independent Investigation.

I’m not a fan of special investigators, as they’re often imbued with wide-ranging powers they don’t deserve, but there are a number of reasons both sides could support such a move. In the long run, a narrow, independent inquiry into the FBI and potential FISA abuse might even marginally de-politicize the fiasco, by either ferreting out abuse or clearing the FBI’s leadership. As it stands, there’s no way the institution can regain trust with about half the country.

Perhaps it’ll turn out that everything the FBI did was legal and by-the-book. Right now, though, to millions of Americans, it looks a lot like one political party paid for opposition research, then handed that unverified and often sensationalistic “evidence” to an allied administration, which then used it to attain a warrant so it could continue to spy on political opponents (knowing full well it would capture others in the campaign).

If you’re rich enough to cook up a “dossier” and powerful enough to know the right people, you too can have the government spy for you.

It’s good to be the King — or at least, the wannabe-Queen.

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