January 26, 2018

WELL, HE’S A MAN AND THE JUDGE WAS A WOMAN, SO YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE, BIGOT: Larry Nassar Sexually Abused More Than 100 Girls. That Doesn’t Mean He Should Be Raped in Prison. “Nassar would not be a particularly sympathetic rape victim. Some would doubtless consider any violence he suffers to be cosmic justice. But Aquilina is an agent of the law, not of divine retribution.”

Related: Performance Justice. “The punishment fits the crime. However, the judge, Rosemary Aquilina, meted out the sentence in a disturbing, over-the-top performance. She couldn’t stop talking about herself. We heard about her family, her dogs, her ethnic background (Maltese and German, in case you were wondering), her military service, her soccer coaching. We heard boasting. . . . Egomania and grandstanding are not uncommon on the bench. However, Aquilina’s performance was, I hope, off-the-charts.”

She was mugging for the cameras, which is why cameras in courtrooms are a bad idea.

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