January 24, 2018

SLOW LEARNER: Democrats are funding CHIP for six years and reopening the government without losing their shutdown leverage.

Ezra Klein:

Consider what we don’t know about what comes next. We don’t know which immigration bill, or bills, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will bring to the Senate floor. We don’t know if any immigration compromise passes the Senate. We don’t know if an immigration bill that passes the Senate will get a vote in the House. Even if it does get a vote in the House, we don’t know if it’ll pass. And if it does pass, we don’t know if Trump will sign it.

We also don’t know what the implicit Democratic position is here. If Democrats get a fair vote in the House and Senate on an immigration deal and it doesn’t pass, will they shut down the government again in three weeks? Put differently, is this a deal about a fair process or about a particular outcome? If Democrats don’t get a deal and they shut the government back down in three weeks, it’s hard to see what was lost here.

Schumer accepted public humiliation rather than extend the shutdown past the two-day mark — and this is “leverage” he might be reasonably expected to use again in just three weeks?

Perhaps the SJW Wing of the Democratic caucus will force Schumer to try again, but two “Schumer Shutdowns” in under a month would be awfully difficult to pin on the GOP. Particularly since it didn’t even work the first time around.

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