January 22, 2018

HIE THEE TO THE FAINTING COUCH: Wow! Trump Campaign Releases Ad Saying Dems ‘Complicit’ in Murders by Illegals.

I just wonder what Katie Steinle’s parents and all the parents of people murdered by illegals think of Trump using their child’s death for political purposes.

The ad was posted on YouTube the day the shutdown began so it has nothing to do with that. But Ryan’s  “not necessarily productive” comment is an understatement. The ad is like tossing a stick of dynamite into the negotiating room. I don’t think it will put the Democrats in the mood to cooperate in ending the shutdown.

If this ad is a preview of the 2020 campaign, I’d recommend you dust off  your waders and be prepared for the mother of all sh*tstorms.

Wow, you mean Trump will continue to speak about Democrats using the same tone they reserved for Republicans for decades? Somebody pass me the smelling salts, quick.

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