December 23, 2017

AT VICE, CUTTING-EDGE MEDIA AND ALLEGATIONS OF OLD-SCHOOL SEXUAL HARASSMENT: “An investigation by The New York Times has found four settlements involving allegations of sexual harassment or defamation against Vice employees, including its current president. In addition, more than two dozen other women, most in their 20s and early 30s, said they had experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct at the company — unwanted kisses, groping, lewd remarks and propositions for sex.”

So a Website named Vice lives up to its name, and the Times is shocked that gambling is going on Rick’s Cafe. And get a load of the article’s subhead: “A media company built on subversion and outlandishness was unable to create ‘a safe and inclusive workplace’ for women, two of its founders acknowledge.”

Talk about burying the lede — Fox Butterfield is back at the Times!

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): I was struck by this passage: “People worked long hours and partied together afterward. And that’s where the lines often blurred. Multiple women said that after a night of drinking, they wound up fending off touching, kissing and other advances from their superiors.” This pretty closely echoes the complaints about Glenn Thrush that did not lead to him being fired by . . . The New York Times.

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