December 19, 2017

RESEARCH: “Food deserts” claim is bogus. “This is a good paper with a credible research design and impressive data from some 35,000 supermarkets covering 40% of the United States. Moreover, because of the widespread attention given to ‘food deserts’ this paper probably had to be written. But color me un-surprised. The results are obvious.”

Also, when you ground-truth the government’s food-desert map, you find things like this: “Knoxville’s Federally-Designated “Food Deserts” Include Super Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger. Plus a couple of tasty oriental supermarkets.” And a Trader Joe’s.

Related: “If food deserts actually exist, why can’t both the USDA and the local bureaucrats make an accurate map of them?” And if they can’t make an accurate map, what’s the chance that they’ll accomplish anything no matter how well-funded?

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