December 19, 2017

STEPHEN GUTOWSKI: Pro-Gun Women Regularly Face Violent, Sexual Harassment.

“Stick that gun in your cunt bitch and pull the trigger,” Twitter user John T. McFarland said to Jenn Jacques in September 2015.

Jenn Jacques, a visiting fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum and editor at large for who has been recognized by the National Shooting Sports Foundation for her work promoting gun safety, said she’s often stunned by the hypocrisy of the harassers and thinks online anonymity enables their behavior.

“I’ve heard a lot of ‘do us all a favor and swallow your gun,'” she said. “It’s just so bad. The thing is they all claim to be against gun violence. They all claim to be the tolerant left but they are literally the most violent, heinous people out there. I’m sure a lot of it is that they’re hiding behind a computer screen.”

After Bob Owens, a respected gun writer who worked closely with Jacques at, took his own life in May, Jacques said she received a wave of harassment. While most reacted to Owens’s passing with grace and compassion, a group of gun-control activists reacted by tormenting his friends and family through vile messages on Twitter and Facebook. Jacques said some even encouraged her to kill herself.

“After Bob died, people would be like ‘one down, one to go,'” she said. “How could you say that to anyone?”

I don’t want to hear one more goddamn word about how the Left empowers women.

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