November 28, 2008

HAPPY “BLACK FRIDAY.” I’ll be doing my shopping online at Old Reliable. But if you venture out to the malls and see anything interesting, send me a report.

I’m getting spam announcing big sales at J. Crew (stores only), Victoria’s Secret, Joseph A. Bank, Cobb Grills, and lots of other places. My guess is that the markdowns will be pretty dramatic all over. Consider it a bonus of all this recession-talk. Also in my spam today, an assortment of nice apartments for rent in Ulan Bator. No, really — and they must know me because one is advertised as being close to Khaan’s Irish Pub. Which, according to Google, is a nice place.

UPDATE: Reader Anthony Calabrese writes:

I was driving from my brother in laws house to the hotel we are staying in at about 9:30 last night and saw people lined up outside Best Buy.

Another sister in law works for JC Penney and she was told to come to work at 3:30 AM today.

The Retail Support Brigades may save the economy yet!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader Amanda Cross writes:

Count me in as doing my part for the economy! I was up and in line at Target by 5am. Longer line this year than last, but some of their big doorbusters were still available after the first wave of people – flat-screen TVs, cameras, etc. I was at K-Mart yesterday and they had plenty of their flat-screen TV’s left as well. And I went to Wal-Mart at 8am and they still had some of their deal computers. Not sure what everyone is buying but it was quite crowded.

Our economy thanks you, Amanda!

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