December 5, 2017

TRUMP TO MOVE U.S. EMBASSY FROM TEL AVIV TO JERUSALEM, HYPOCRITES WORLDWIDE HARDEST HIT: The U.S. State Department, European diplomats and “moderate” Palestinian officials all claim that any future peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians must be based on the 1948 armistice lines. In 1948, Israel was in full control of the Western half of Jerusalem, and established its capital there. By contrast, the original U.N. partition plan, rejected by the Arabs, would have placed all of Jerusalem under international control. If everyone supposedly recognizes the 1948 armistice lines as a starting point for negotiations, why shouldn’t the United States recognize at least the Western half of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, regardless of whether Israel claims the whole city, as it does? Locating the U.S. embassy in West Jerusalem does not prejudice any claims the Palestinians have in future negotiations to East Jerusalem. So according to what diplomats worldwide purport to believe, moving the U.S. embassy is completely proper, and the loud opposition to such a move suggests that these diplomats have never really accepted the 1948 lines as the basis for negotiations as they claim.

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