November 1, 2017

TRUMP2020 HAS A LOT OF AGENTS INSIDE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Democrats: Proud to Be the Anti-White, Anti-Male, Anti-Heterosexual Party.

From the comments: “All that just to tell Joe Biden they don’t want him to run? Seems like overkill.”

Related: Rod Dreher: Trump Will Be President Forever. “This mentality exemplified by Madeleine Leader has a lot to do with why, at the end of the day, I’ll end up voting Republican out of pure self-protection, and to protect the job prospects of my children, especially my sons. Good job, Democrats. You are telling straight white people that they are second-class citizens who don’t deserve fairness. You’ll continue to find self-hating liberal whites who are willing to accept this garbage, but many more aren’t falling for it — and know what kind of world Democrats are preparing for them when and if they take power again.”

This will not end well.

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