October 25, 2017

THEY WERE THREATENING HIM TO KEEP QUIET BEFORE: BREAKING: DOJ authorizes FBI Informant to speak with Congress concerning alleged corruption involving Clintons & Uranium One.

But don’t get cocky. A reader writes:

Something no one is considering re this dossier story: Perhaps the Dems can let go of this narrative now because they believe they have something real on Trump, something that can really hurt him. So they can put this toothless story to bed (while helping the mainstream press re establish credibility because, “look, we reported this!”). Doing this now can also – finally – puts an end any further noise from the Hillary camp about a 2020 run. This story finishes that possibility, gets Potus feeling comfortable, thinking he can relax, then they haul out whatever it is they have and the outrage-impeachment morality play goes on. OR, (slightly less or maybe more plausible) thanks to the unprecedented data base of info that Maxine Waters talked about, they have material on enough GOP house and senate members to either 1) chase them out, blaming Trump as they exit and setting up 2018 for all kinds of difficulty or 2) turn them while they remain in office. Watching 4-5 reporters yesterday asking Flake (and Corker and even Pelosi before him) about removing Trump from office does make it seem like something coordinated is in the works, and the press is chomping at the bit to get to it. If I liked popcorn I would be popping it for the next act.

Well, they’ve acted sure that they had The Donald dead to rights on many occasions. So far, the torpedoes have a tendency to circle back.

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