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October 22, 2017

MEGYN KELLY’S SLIDING CAREER: “What a dismal slide for Kelly! Remember how high she was riding when she moderated that GOP debate? That was more than 2 years ago. She made a big leap that night, confronting Trump, and there was so much liberal hope for her when Trump went menstrual on her. But Trump went on to win, and what use is she now? No use to celebrities, and now she can’t get celebrities on her show, and what’s a daytime talk show without celebrities?”

As was commented here a few days back:

She was brilliant on FNC. She was like a cross-examining prosecutor with a witness in the box. Nothing got past her and she ran to ground every specious talking point the liberal flacks who went on her show tried to spout.

Then, she got that haircut and everything changed.

Yeah, that haircut did seem to mark a transition. I wonder what prompted it?