October 13, 2017

21st CENTURY HEADLINES: ISIS Punk Rocker, Sally Jones, Reportedly Dead.

Years before committing herself to radical jihadism, Sally Jones’s name recognition derived from her stint with Krunch, an all-female punk band that had found success during the ’90s. Jones converted to Islam and migrated to Syria in 2013, following her husband’s conversion and subsequent pledge to jihadism. He was killed by a U.S. drone two years later in 2015. Since 2013, she had maintained an active presence on social media aggressively propagandizing on behalf of ISIS. Her primary objectives involved attracting female ISIS recruits, encouraging radicalized Brits to relocate to Syria and providing instructions on how to assemble homemade bombs and wage terror on British soil. Presumably to rally inspiration, posts were frequently accompanied by photos of Jones herself posing with weaponry.

The 21st isn’t working out the way I had hoped.™

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