September 13, 2017

STEPHEN KRUISER: Hillary’s Media Criticisms Are a Perfect Snapshot of Why She Lost.

What has struck me most about Clinton’s book at media tour is her tone. When she casually dismissed a quarter of the American electorate as “deplorables” and, worse, as “irredeemable,” Clinton revealed a contempt unworthy of a candidate for any office. That was a far worse character smear than Mitt Romney’s political judgement about the “47 percent” who he believed would never vote Republican. Clinton’s casual contempt, probably more than any other single factor, cost her what should have been a gimme election.

But she doesn’t seem to have learned anything, if her book and recent statements are anything to go by. Clinton not only thinks that Trump is an inexcusable disaster, but her book indicates that she places the blame for him (while blithely comparing herself to Cersei from Game of Thrones) on those same deplorables, still so full of “anger and resentment.”

So while there’s always good fun to be had at the expense of a clueless politico, the idea of a sitting President filled with that much contempt for her fellow Americans ought to make one shudder.