September 12, 2017

‘ENDLESS STUPID POLITICAL NAGGING’: Tucker Carlson Blasts ESPN After Anchor Calls Trump a ‘White Supremacist.’

Related: Clay Travis of the Outkick the Coverage sports blog, who is interviewed by Carlson in the above link, and who broke the Robert Lee story last month via tips from inside what he likes to call MSESPN, tweets, “Sources: After [veteran ESPN anchor] Linda Cohn spoke out on politics…she was told by prez John Skipper not to come to work & to think about what she said.” A Sports Illustrated headline in late April read “Linda Cohn says politics ‘definitely a percentage’ of ESPN’s problems.” That rare moment of reality from an ESPN anchor no doubt caused plenty of cognitive dissonance inside the Disney boardroom.

UPDATE: In contrast to Cohn (allegedly temporarily suspended) and Curt Schilling (fired), ESPN Issues Mild Reprimand to Liberal Host Who Called Trump a ‘White Supremacist.’

Just think of them as Democrat activists with halftime highlight reels, and it all makes sense.