August 30, 2017

SCOTT GREER: It’s Not Trump Supporters Who Are Beating Journalists.

At two different demonstrations in the California Bay Area, Antifa made sure that anyone who recorded their activities and looked like “Nazis” would face serious consequences.

On Saturday, a man simply recording a demonstration by leftists against a cancelled pro-Trump rally resulted in protesters surrounding him and forcibly taking his phone from him.

He had to plead he was just a reporter and that he was definitely not a Nazi in order to persuade organizers to try to retrieve his phone.

Worse things happened for a photographer at the Antifa riot in Berkeley the following day. As black-clad anarchists swarmed the city to attack anyone they thought might be a Trump supporter, they set their sights on a cameraman for the offense of taking their picture.

Antifa chased the man down and beat him bloody with clubs. Police eventually came to his aid and had to help him stand up and walk after the thrashing.

The two incidents both arose over the fact that the target of abuse was recording Antifa. That alone justified violence against both reporters.

Democracy dies in darkness, I’m told.

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