August 25, 2017

I WONDER IF THERE’S A BROAD-RANGING ANTIFA INVESTIGATION GOING ON? Court orders company to produce data on anti-Trump site.

A court in the District of Columbia on Thursday ordered web hosting company DreamHost to produce data and information requested by the Department of Justice (DOJ) related to an anti-President Trump website.

Chief Judge Robert Morin of the Superior Court of D.C. ruled from the bench that the government, under the court’s supervision, can proceed with an amended search warrant for data requested from DreamHost on the website, which was used to organize protests against Trump on Inauguration Day.

However, Morin outlined what he described as “added protections” to guard the data of innocent visitors to the website. He directed the government to submit information to the court about its method for searching through the data and minimizing data on innocent third-party visitors to the site.

The government is seeking the data in connection with the ongoing investigation into the rioting that occurred on Inauguration Day.

Morin couched his order as an attempt to balance First Amendment protections with the government’s need for the information on the website.

Here’s Orin Kerr’s analysis from a few days ago.

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