August 24, 2017

THE ACLU TURNED WHITE SUPREMACIST SO SLOWLY, I HARDLY EVEN NOTICED. The ACLU’s Twitter account gets a lesson in political correctness:

Earlier this week, the Twitter account for the American Civil Liberties Union posted an innocuous picture of a toddler wearing a tyke-sized ACLU T-shirt with the words “Free Speech” on the front. The little one was holding a stuffed animal in one hand and a mini American flag in the other. The tweet that accompanied the photo said “This is the future that ACLU members want.”

Within moments, the tweet was descended upon from the corners of the outrage twitter-sphere because that’s what social media is now. The great social injustice committed here by the ACLU? The child in the picture was white and therefore declared as racist and propping up white supremacists…Within the hour, however, the ACLU posted a weird retraction of the image, stating “When your Twitter followers keep you in check and remind you that white supremacy is everywhere,” along with a Kermit the Frog gif.

Read the whole thing.

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