August 19, 2017

STEVE BANNON IS GONE, BUT HIS PLAN LIVES ON: AP Notices That Dems May Be Launching Culture War They Can’t Win. “One of the problems is that the Democrats’ position on Confederate monuments is highly unpopular. . . . The AP’s fear is that Democrats’ obsession with President Trump will prevent them from communicating a positive agenda to voters.”

Plus: “Overlooked by the AP is the possibility that the Democrats have no messages of their own to communicate. Which reminds me–whatever happened to the Russia collusion story? It was of world-historical significance until it disappeared overnight, succeeded by a new opportunity for Trump-hatred. Which doesn’t seem to be of much significance to voters. Rasmussen finds that the president’s approval rating hasn’t been significantly affected by the hysterical attacks on him following the violence in Charlottesville. . . . Over time, the Democrats’ perpetual hysteria will only make them look silly. The biggest thing they have going for them is the timidity of Congressional Republicans. If the Republicans stop reading the Washington Post and the New York Times and get on with the business of governing, the Democrats have no answers on the level of policy.”

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