August 8, 2017

DAVID MASTIO: Congrats Google, you found the worst way to build diversity. “Telling a male engineer to ‘shut up’ won’t improve Google’s culture, it is the dogmatic attitude that fuels backlash and undermines lasting diversity.” One thing that’s become clear is how much of “diversity” culture is really built on hatred of white males.

Also: This SJW backlash is doing serious damage to Google’s brand. People used to think of Google like Apple. Now they’re starting to think of it like Mizzou. But then, we’ll probably be thinking of Apple like Mizzou soon enough. Silicon Valley: Once, cutting-edge wizards of innovation. Now, huge monopoly corporations that are run by the HR office.

And here’s the natural consequence:

Related: Google’s Social Justice Warriors Create Wrongthink Blacklists. “Numerous individuals alleged to be members of Google’s management team have been caught bragging about forming blacklists to impact the careers of colleagues with different political beliefs. In a series of screenshots from 2015 onwards provided to Breitbart News by a verified Google employee, individuals described as left-wing Google management employees can be seen discussing the ways they punish their colleagues both inside and out of the company.”

Sure, you can trust them with your data.

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