July 30, 2017

CHARLIE MARTIN ON STEPHEN HAWKING AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOMS: “That, I think, is the biggest problem with this, and most other science reporting. Follow science reporting in the legacy media, and you’re continuously seeing stories about a famous scientist predicting impending doom, or a study that shows something we’re eating or drinking will kill us all. They know that impending doom will sell papers, so impending doom is what we get.”

Read the whole thing. If climate change scientists (and those who play them on TV, such as Bill Nye, the Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Guy) and their enablers in the DNC-MSM wonder why they’ve been tuned out by much of the country, perhaps because It’s been nearly 50 years since Paul  Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb began the left’s doomsday cult, and it’s been nothing but “Temples of Doom” since. How many different ways – and how many times – can you say the sky is falling and still be taken seriously?

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