July 29, 2017

DISPATCHES FROM THE INTERSECTION OF FAKE NEWS AND THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: NPR correspondent Tovia Smith tweets that Columbia’s mattress girl Emma Sulkowicz “considers herself a survivor & we ID her as such. We’ve clarified that their school found the student she accused ‘not responsible.'”

In the interview with British talk show host Russell Harty that’s the spine of The Who’s classic 1979 documentary, The Kids Are Alright, Keith Moon sardonically jokes that he’s “a full-time survivor. I survived all the major earthquakes, and the Titanic, and several air crashes.”

If that’s what Moon identified as, if we’re going by NPR’s postmodernist sophistry, who’s to see he was wrong? Though as Christina Hoff Sommers responds, “To be consistent,you should ID Nungesser as survivor of false accusation. He appears to have stronger claim to victim status than Sulkowicz.”

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