July 8, 2017

WHY ARE DEMOCRAT-MONOPOLY CITIES SUCH CESSPITS OF VIOLENCE? A longtime Insta-reader from Chicago explains one huge reason why:

As you are aware, the murder rate in Chicago soared in 2016 and this year it is well on its way to equal last year’s numbers.  There have been a couple of recent cases where they have arrested people for selling guns to the gangs.  The appalling part of the stories are the way the courts are dealing with these cases.  I stumbled onto this one today through [a blog called Second City Cop]:

Man who sold gun used to shoot 2 cops released on $4,500 bond: sources.

There was another case where a woman was sentenced to probation for selling guns to a man with gang ties:

Mount Prospect woman gets probation for illegal gun sales.

Police: Woman with FOID card bought and sold guns for profit.

And as the long-running Chicago-area blog NewsAlert notes, Mayor Rahm Emanuel stands ready to take full national credit for his city’s stunning success: Rahm Emanuel May Run For President in 2020. “One source claims Rahm is very realistic and knows it is not likely he can win the Democrat party nomination: so his ultimate goal is to get the VP nomination. Stay tuned…”

I’d make the usual “Run, Rahm, Run!” jokes, but to be fair, his drafting of leftist “crash test dummies” to pose as centrist “Blue Dog” Democrats for the 2006 midterms was a huge strategic success for his party — and a disaster for the rest of us, leading to Nancy Pelosi as speaker, runaway gas prices, the Great Recession, Obama in the White House, and the Democrats’ passing of Obamacare on a party-line basis.