July 5, 2017

JON GABRIEL: Trump Has Driven CNN Stark, Raving Mad.

While the rest of America was celebrating Independence Day, CNN kept digging its own grave.

Furious over a silly video President Donald Trump posted Sunday, the flailing network sicced Senior Editor Andrew Kaczynski on its creator. He tracked down an anonymous Reddit user who first posted the GIF of Trump tackling a wrestler whose head was replaced with a CNN logo. Kaczynski then found out the person’s real name and threatened to release it if he misbehaved again. . . .

That’s right: a Senior Editor for CNN is blackmailing an American citizen for daring to criticize them.

This isn’t Kaczynski’s first attempt at destroying a private citizen’s life. As a BuzzFeed reporter, he gained notoriety for publicizing a lame joke Tweeted by a 30-year-old PR director named Justine Sacco. As Sacco was boarding a plane from London to Cape Town, South Africa, she poked fun at many people’s poor understanding of the continent. Kaczynski decided the joke was racist and helped gin up a digital lynch mob while she was in the air for 11 hours sans internet. By the time Sacco landed, she was mobbed by reporters, was fired from her job, and had to go into hiding.

Kaczynski’s insanity was just the latest in CNN’s string of horrible decisions related to Trump.

All the news media would have to do to have a shot at beating Trump would be to act in a measured, professional fashion. Trump has revealed that they’re incapable of that; it seems as if that option has never even occurred to them.

UPDATE: From the comments:

I’ll tell you who is sweating bullets: FBI agents and IC officials who were “sources” and provided classified information to CNN. After the usual suspects dox the network’s producers and reporters, at least some of those sources will be outed. Even if the information they provided CNN was false, as often was the case, these agents and officials face serious legal and career repercussions.

Yeah, a lot of stuff is likely to leak out now.

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