June 18, 2017

PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD: Wesleyan must pay fraternity nearly $400,000 for shutting it down over coed dispute.

Warning to social justice warriors in presidential palaces: Juries don’t automatically share your enlightened authoritarianism.

A jury found that Wesleyan University President Michael Roth grossly exceeded his authority when he shut down Delta Kappa Epsilon’s house shortly after it submitted a plan to comply with the school’s new coed mandate on the eve of the 2015-2016 academic year, Hartford Courant reports.

DKE sued the school more than two years ago, claiming it let every other identity group live together in its own housing but fraternities.

Roth’s emails brought to light during the trial suggested he was only willing to take on the fraternities if Wesleyan – a Yale wannabe that’s opening a $220,000-a-year center for social justice – could obtain their valuable real estate in the end.

Shortly after DKE’s lawsuit, the school’s last remaining residential fraternity (and early adopter of the coed mandate) accused Wesleyan of shutting it down on the pretext of a drug bust whose drugs the school refused to name. (It has since recovered its status.)

See, on TV it’s always greedy capitalist businessmen who act this way.

Now the fraternities need to go on the offensive, demanding pro-Bro diversity training for all administrators, and pushing gender diversity at the Title IX office.

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