May 9, 2017

WELL, YES: Donald Trump is turning liberals into conspiracy theorists.

This comes from none other than Chris Cillizza:

The firing of White House chief usher Angella Reid, the first woman to hold that job, was seized on as the latest piece of evidence that Trump and his administration was nothing more than an old boys club — openly hostile to women and minorities.

Turns out, according to Axios reporting, that Reid got along well with the President and First Lady but was far less popular with the staff of the White House she oversaw. “When her departure was announced to the residence staff yesterday morning, workers burst into applause,” Axios reported.

In each of these four instances — and all of these have been in the last week! — liberals, fueled by Twitter outrage, jumped to conclusions that portrayed Trump and other Republicans in the poorest possible light. And, on each occasion, the fuller story either totally or mostly rebutted the version of the story the left had seized on.

Cillizza cautions that “Democrats run the risk of appearing like the boy who cried wolf to the public — and in the process taking some steam out of the very legitimate questions they are asking about the Trump administration.”

But the panic-mongering isn’t about posing legitimate questions. It’s about keeping the base riled up until November, 2018.

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