May 8, 2017

TIFFANY TRUMP WILL ATTEND GEORGETOWN LAW SCHOOL AND ANN ALTHOUSE HAS QUESTIONS: “If you’re a Georgetown student with answers to these questions, feel free to email me. I won’t reveal names unless you ask to be identified.”

Plus, from the comments:

Brenna Gautam, a first-year law student, said that security was among the primary concerns raised by her fellow classmates on Monday on a private Facebook group for Georgetown law students: “How will this impact our peers who may be personally threatened by her father’s policies?” Ms. Gautam asked, referring to gay and transgender students, and students who are minorities.

When I saw “security,” I thought — “Oh, that’s reasonable — secret service will be irritating to deal with for other students.” But it turned out to be the usual “safe space” rubbish.

I wish I were surprised.

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