April 6, 2017

AND OBAMA OPERATIVES WILL BE LEAKING TRUMP’S FROM NOW UNTIL THEN: The Public Won’t See the Rest of Hillary’s Emails Until 2020.

Justice Department attorney Jennie Kneedler told U.S. District Court Judge James E. Boasberg Tuesday that “processing takes time.” She also told Boasberg during the status hearing on the case that the continued review of the former secretary of state’s emails was “not the best use of State’s time.”

Cut their entertainment and conference budget in half until the job is done, and they’ll miraculously find the time. They’re foot-dragging to protect her, as they’ve been doing all along.

Meanwhile we saw under W. — and we’ll no doubt see under Trump — that FOIA requests for stuff that makes a Republican administration look bad get processed by the bureaucracy with miraculous speed.

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