March 23, 2017

JD TUCKER: Just repeal.

The net result of full repeal would be to allow the consumer-driven market to push competition and force insurance companies to compete. It amuses me when people say, “But repeal will only make the health insurance executives richer!” As Trump would say… “Wrong!” They love having millions of Americans who would never willingly purchase health insurance being forced to by it by their government overlords.

Get government out of health insurance and premiums will go down for a vast majority of Americans. Allow the free market economy and the crowdfunding power of 2017 (plus charities, family, and community) to help those who need it the most. Government’s only role should be as the absolute last resort. Just repeal it.

ObamaCare is a rickety structure that will eventually collapse under its own weight, but will collapse even sooner if you pull out a few of its support beams — which is what Paul Ryan’s AHCA does.

The former result would be the fault of Obama/Reid/Pelosi. The latter would be pinned, and rightly so, on Trump/McConnell/Ryan.