March 17, 2017

DEMOCRAT FORMER COLORADO GOVERNOR BILL RITTER: Senate should confirm Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to Supreme Court.

Co-signed with Colorado Springs Republican Mayor John Suthers:

Between the two of us, we have more than 50 years of service in government, much of it in elected executive positions. We are of different political parties. We have worked together on issues, and we have been on opposite sides of arguments as well. We both understand how important it is to the public interest that people from different sides of the aisle work together toward finding common ground, even under the most difficult of circumstances.

Looking back, it is easy to see why frustration in the U.S. Senate is at a boiling point. Judicial nominations have been blocked, “nuclear options” have been deployed to change longstanding rules, and major policies have been implemented using procedural maneuvers over the unanimous objection of the other party. Nobody has clean hands. The temptation to retaliate is understandable.

The Senate, though, can break this destructive cycle by rejecting both the filibuster and the “nuclear option,” and holding an up-or-down vote on the merits of Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.

The entertainment value of watching Chuck Schumer let this happen, or seeing his reaction to losing the filibuster… “priceless” won’t begin to cover it.

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