March 6, 2017


Tension on campus spiked the Monday before the event, when Middlebury Resistance, a group that seeks to “restore our sense of hope and justice” after the election victory of Donald Trump, held “resistance meetings” with students and faculty.

Attendees were divided on how to respond to Murray’s appearance, but a chunk of students settled on a tactic known as “simultaneous dialogue,” or shouting down the speaker, multiple sources told THE WEEKLY STANDARD.

Some professors in attendance gave “tacit and explicit support” to the strategy, one source reported, and admitted that they had not read Murray’s work.

“When asked by students and other faculty members whether they had ever read Charles Murray’s work, the organizers bristled at the notion that they should be asked to read a work before condemning it,” a source close to the meetings told TWS. “‘You mean you want me to read The Bell Curve?‘”

Cost of attending Middlebury College: $66,332 per year.

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