March 2, 2017

USEFUL, BUT STILL SAD. Adulting School Teaches Young Adults Grown-Up Skills. “Get your car’s oil changed? That’s adulting. Cook dinner instead of order takeout? That’s adulting. And now a new school in Maine, called the Adulting School, is dedicated to teaching skills like these to fledgling adults so they can become successful grown-ups. The school offers private social media groups and live events at local bars and restaurants. At these events, attendees can learn skills like how to network as a pro or how to fold a fitted sheet. Carly Bouchard, 29, sat among a couple of dozen young adults sipping drinks at a Portland restaurant and hoping to uncover their true financial self. ‘I’m a financial cripple,’ Bouchard said. Although she went to business school, Bouchard said, she now needs the Adulting School.”

At 29. My mom had 3 kids and ran a household in Germany — cooking, cleaning, shopping, learning the language — by that age.

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