February 28, 2017

AUTOMATION: Ordering kiosks coming to 1,000 Wendy’s.

“They are looking to improve their automation and their labor costs, and this is a good way to do it,” said Darren Tristano, vice president with Technomic — a food-service research and consulting firm. “They are also trying to enhance the customer experience. Younger customers prefer to use a kiosk.”

Kiosks are also valued by the company for its ability to provide data about customers.

Wendy’s spokeswoman Heidi Schauer said higher-volume stores will get priority for the kiosks because demand for the technology is so high.

“This move puts them at the forefront of the kiosk and tech movement,” Tristano said.

Presumably they’ll cost less than $15 an hour to operate and won’t fall under the ObamaCare employer mandate.

They’ll also keep much closer tabs on customers’ buying habits.

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