February 22, 2017

NO SURRENDER IN THE WAR ON COLLEGE MEN, APPARENTLY: Universities Face Pressure to Hold the Line on Title IX.

Advocates are starting a campaign to try to persuade colleges to maintain the Obama administration’s tough policies for protecting women on campuses from sexual assault, even if the Trump administration relaxes enforcement.

Many people expect the Trump administration to tilt the balance of federal guidance to make it harder to discipline the thousands of students, almost all of them men, who are accused of sexual violence against women each year.

Women’s groups are leading the push, along with an organization that represents the campus administrators responsible for enforcing federal sexual assault policy — a group whose numbers have grown into the thousands in just a few years.

The main goal of those involved in the effort is to convince college presidents that the Obama-era policies have positively transformed the lives of women on college campuses.

Note that they don’t care about what they’ve done to the lives of men. And do women really benefit if colleges become pink-collar institutions? Meanwhile, if Title IX is enforced evenhandedly, a lot of colleges will face serious grief for their mistreatment of male students.

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