February 17, 2017

NEWS YOU CAN USE: ‘Sell-By’ Dates On Food Items Will Be Replaced By ‘Use By’ And ‘Best If Used By’ Labels.

Per the Standardized Voluntary Regulations, stated by the two trade groups of the grocery industry, every manufacturer will be now be using only two labels- “use by” and “best if used by”, instead of the other 10 labels used earlier.

The “use by” label acts as the safety indicator, thus hinting to the customer the date by which the food is safe to eat and when it is not.

The “best if used by” label acts as description of quality by the manufacturer, which hints when the product should be consumed to get the best taste.

These dates, which will come from the manufacturer, actually points to one of the two – either the dates indicated to the store when the product should be stacked on store shelves, or suggest to the consumers when to consume the food item for best taste.

Good to know.