February 16, 2017

ROGER SIMON: The Media Bulls Have Met Their Matador In Trump.

The press doesn’t just have Trump Derangement Syndrome. They now have full-blown Trump Psychosis. And like most people with serious disorders, they are teetering close to the brink of self-immolation.

Nothing could have been more apparent in the president’s press conference Thursday. Almost none of the reporters were able to muster up a question without sounding adversarial or biased. One of them went so far as to pretend he was asking a neutral question, and then accused Trump of not being tough on anti-Semitism — the sleaziest canard on the block, and patently ridiculous given the president’s actions. (Hello! Didn’t the guy see the press conference with Netanyahu?)

And when they did contort themselves to ask a question with seeming impartiality, you could see the strain all over their faces, as if they were doing a favor so great they deserved a Papal dispensation.

More interesting, however, were the big-timers — the media bulls to Trump’s matador. CBS’ Major Garrett jumped on the president with a series of questions — what did he think of the Russian spy ship off our coast, etc. — in an effort to further the liberal/left’s current (and truly bizarre for them, considering American history, recent and otherwise) “Trump loves Russia” meme. Obviously, Garrett was searching for the holiest of grails — PROOF that Donald conspired with Vladimir to win the U.S. election.

Besides the fact that’s not happening, the repeated, absurd gotcha game about Russia is having the opposite effect, as Trump pointed out, in the real world of geopolitics.

Not that the media cares. It’s not about America. It’s only about them.

They really are like middle-schoolers.