February 6, 2017

HUFFINGTON POST: Trump Is Right: Silicon Valley Is Using H-1B Visas To Pay Low Wages To Immigrants.

Wait, first strange new Trump-respect in the Guardian, and now the HuffPo? What gives?

UPDATE: From the comments:

The Guardian and the HuffPo are frantically waiving their arms at their rabid anti-Trump readership telling them to stop opposing him in Pavlovian fashion every time he opens his mouth or posts a tweet, because Trump’s about to push for something that Bernie Sanders vocally supported during last year’s Democratic primary.

Having the foaming-at-the-mouth coalition of angry progs joining the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board in attacking Trump over trying to limit H-1B visa will be hilarious to watch, and would show that for a large number of Trump’s most irate opponents, they don’t really care anything about what he’s proposing, only that they oppose whatever he’s proposing. The calmer progs are trying to stop that scenario from playing out, but they’re going up against their own base that’s already been protesting outside Chuck Schumer’s house with F-bomb signs threatening his political position if he cooperates with Trump in any way.

Yeah, pretty much.

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