January 31, 2017


A good indication that the Women’s March got coopted into a Democratic boo-hoo Hillary/Cory Booker-in-2020 pep rally was that the speakers were limited to celebrity millionaire liberal Democrats like Michael Moore, Ashley Judd and Gloria. Had this been a militant action (i.e., one that might frighten Trump and the GOP), or a coalition of liberals who welcomed and respected their leftist allies rather than merely wanting to vampirize their righteous anger and energy into midterm votes, the roster of speakers would have included people calling for revolutionary change and action outside of the existing system. There would also have been some radical activists you’d never [heard] of who do important work.

Celebrity liberalism and pleas to vote Democratic are where the Left goes to die….

Well, they managed to make it too obnoxious to appeal to the mainstream, and too vapid to appeal to the hard-left. Nice work!

UPDATE: From the comments: “When you’ve lost Ted Rall, you’ve lost anti-America.”

Plus: “Video of the march is probably a much greater recruitment tool for ISIS than any travel ban.” True.

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