January 28, 2017

RIGHT ON CUE: After years of liberal hate, George W. Bush is getting the respect he deserves:

It was in February 2010, on Interstate 35 in Wyoming, Minn., according to Wikipedia, that the billboards first began to appear: “MISS ME YET?” ran the message over a picture of George W. Bush.

“Kind of,” say today’s Democrats.

With Obama out and Trump in, the mental malady known as Bush Derangement Syndrome has finally begun to recede, and the 43rd president is enjoying an unlikely renaissance. Progressive journalist David Corn approvingly quoted Bush on Inauguration Day. Time magazine, Slate The Atlantic and the op-ed page of The New York Times have all run pieces in which left-wing writers favorably compared the second President Bush’s rhetoric to President Trump’s.

Then, last weekend on “Saturday Night Live,” host Aziz Ansari praised Dubya in his monologue, noting that “George W Bush made a speech after 9/11, and it really helped.

But this is the pattern for the left for every Republican president once he’s out of office (or in Barry Goldwater and Mitt Romney’s case, having been successfully vanquished), from Eisenhower on, including Nixon. Each Republican president is demonized while in office, and then, right on cue, held up as an example of eloquence, seriousness, and/or foreign policy brilliance in order to bash the current Republican in the Oval Office. But at this point, the Democrat’s playbook is stuck in the leather helmet days of the NFL: Large swatches of the American public have to be asking themselves: Since none of the former GOP presidents you said were Hitler while they were in office turned out to actually be Hitler, then the guy you’re currently saying is Hitler isn’t Hitler, either.

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