January 23, 2017

GEORGE KORDA: If Trump’s Not Listening To His Critics, It Shouldn’t Be A Surprise.

When he spoke in his inaugural address of American “carnage,” directing that comment at both parties, it could be argued the political leadership class brought such a hammering on itself. Many class members advance their causes by claiming everything in America is “broken.”

We’re told that we have a broken political system; a broken tax system; a broken justice system; a broken national infrastructure; a broken educational system; a broken health care system; broken inner cities; a broken financial system; a broken welfare system; with still other pieces of broken America scattered across the national landscape.

Politicians use such language when they’re trying to get something they want or to one-up the other party. Trump’s “carnage” description used Washington’s own words against it and there’s no reason to expect Washington to like it.

And Washington doesn’t! Plus: “During the campaign Trump was told that if he kept saying what he was saying, doing what he was doing, and acting as he was acting, he couldn’t be elected president. But there he was on Jan. 20, taking the oath of office. Now, he’s told he has to act differently or he won’t be a successful president. If Trump isn’t listening, no one should be surprised.”

One caveat for Trump: With political figures, it’s usually the very traits that help them rise that trip them up once they reach the top. So don’t get too cocky.

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