December 31, 2016




“We Are All Socialists Now,” headline on February 16, 2009 cover of Newsweek, then owned by the Graham family, which also owned the Washington Post until 2013. (Link safe, goes to NewsBusters.)

Chaser: “2016 Was the Year White Liberals Realized How Unjust, Racist, and Sexist America Is.”

—Headline, Slate, the last opinion Website owned by the Graham family, this past Thursday. Link safe, goes to Power Line, where Steve Hayward writes:

Forget all the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the left. That’s just for show. Remember that the left was never very enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton, and are not sorry to have seen her lose. Trump’s victory, however, provides the left with something much more important that patronage in Washington DC: it provides them with the supposed evidence to bolster their essential hatred and contempt for America, and endless opportunities to proclaim and parade their supposed moral superiority over their fellow citizens.

Because if there’s one thing that’s a sure business model for success, it’s constantly insulting your customers.

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